My name is Linas and I’m on a mission.

A mission to capture your most precious life moments so you could relive them every time you open your wedding book. I’m here to take you on a journey you will remember for years to come. That one day in your life that’s about to come is about love and that’s the thing we have in common – I’m also in love. And the love of my life is my camera.

We first met when taking pictures of seniors for an ethnographical project. It was

the artistic portrait photography that seduced me. I relived the stories to make

that one perfect shot which would embody their entire life. This was my first step towards photographing weddings. It happened by accident when a friend asked me to perpetuate the day of his life. That’s when I found my passion for wedding photography.

Now I treasure every moment I spend with my camera, so I make sure no second

we spend is wasted. Capturing the most memorable instants of people’s love is

what makes our relationship so exceptional. We’ve been to Rome, Venice, London and we felt that special bond that people share when they say they fell in love with these amazing places. We did too. And we know how to ferry that feeling into the most special moments of your life.